Free Minecon Cape Trick | Daily Dose of Minecraft

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Free Minecon Cape Trick | Daily Dose of Minecraft

In together with this everyday dose of minecraft memes video I show off how to have a free minecon cape in Bedrock and different cool cheats
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Tutorial on haveting a free minecon cape:
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0) Mob Faces Resource Pack

I made a texture pack that gives mobs different facial expressions. Should I keep going? from Minecraft

1) Turtle illusion

My turtle won’t eat. Maybe I fed it too much from Minecraft

2) Death Animations:

I made the Mob Death Animations more interesting! from Minecraft

3) Inside a chunk simulation

Inside a Minecraft Chunk – Plains Biome from Minecraft

4) HD Enderpearls

I made a rounder enderpearl by adding pixels, do you like it? from Minecraft

5) Web browser

This Mod, is AMAZING! (Web Displays mod made by BuildLight and Montoyo) from Minecraft

6) Waterfall design

How to Build a Simple Waterfall Design in Minecraft from Minecraft

7) Cape Minecon:
My Friend Andys Channel :
Tutorial on haveting a free minecon cape:

8) Learning to read:

My five year old is not motivated to read, but he is motivated to play Minecraft and always needs help spelling to find things in the creative inventory. I made a poster to trick him into learning to read! from Minecraft

9) Cloth physics

I made a cloth physics simulator in Vanilla Minecraft! from Minecraft

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