6 Glitches In Minecraft 1.16.2 | Minecraft Glitches

Minecraft Glitch

Minecraft Glitch

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6 Glitches In Minecraft 1.16.2 | Minecraft Glitches
In together with the video I show off 6 glitches in minecraft 1.16.2 which includes 2 duplication glitches.
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Other Glitches Currently Working On Minecraft 1.16.2
5 INSANE OP GLITCHES IN MINECRAFT 1.16.2 | Minecraft Glitches

Minecraft 1.16.2 Duplication Glitch

*NEW* MINECRAFT DUPLICATION GLITCH 1.16.2 | Minecraft 1.16 Bugs

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Minecraft Bedrock Edition has an AWFUL glitch which NEEDS fixing.
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