How To Use Commands On Your Minecraft Server (How To OP Yourself) [Part 1]

Minecraft Server Console Commands

Minecraft Server Console Commands

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How to use commands on your Minecraft 1.14 server. How to op yourself on your own Minceraft Server. In with this video I go over some of the most basic Minecraft server commands to assist you admin your own server better. These commands are all 1.14.4 vanilla. I was using a 1.14.4 vanilla server as well as client in with this video. This is part 1 of 2.

■ How To Host A Minecraft 1.14 Server:

■ How To Fix Not Being Able To Start Your Server:

■ How To Show File Extensions:

■ How To Connect To Your Own Server:

■ How To Port Forward:

■ How Get A Texture Pack:

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Why Sudo Is The Best Command in Minecraft
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Minecraft Server Console as well as Commands Overview

Learn how to use commands in your Minecraft server console.

Start Your Server:

There are most commands which you’ll be able to use from your Minecraft server console to control the server. Along with our control panel you’re able to issue commands from the web browser or in the online game itself. Only players with the correct permissions will be able to use certain commands.