Quick fix of Minecraft PS4 stuck on the Red Mojang loading screen

Minecraft Fix

Minecraft Fix

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Are you stuck on the red Mojang loading screen together with Minecraft on the PS4?
I have a fix for all of of you enjoying the online game on disk together with digital download.

With together with the fix, your savegame/worlds will not be effected as well as will still be there.
Be certain that whenever you re-instal the online game, all of updates are installed before you begin the online game again.
If you’re not certain about together with the, you’ll be able to always have a extra backup by uploading them to the cloud if you have Playstation plus as well as differentwise copy them to a USB stick together with external harddrive.

Link to Quick fix Minecraft Playstation VR update not begining, black screen as well as crashing:

Link to how to delete as well as reinstall your online game together without losing any save online game/world data:

Link to how you backup your savegame files using Playstation cloud service together with an external device:

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You have to use Minecraft Cheat Commands together with Minecraft Fix.

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TommyInnit ruins Bitzel’s day by generating him think he broke Minecraft. This was properly insane!

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Today I played Minecraft but I trolled my epic fun poggers friends as well as it was incredible.

It is all of on Vanilla Minecraft 1.15. Although together with the isn’t a Minecraft Challenge, together with Minecraft But, together with Minecraft Speedrun / Speedrunner, it is still sort of Fun as well as awesome, but I did troll my friends, so it’s basically the exact same I think.

Thanks again to Fundy, the creator of Minecraft Difficulty Baby Mode Impossible. I owe him so much he is such a great as well as cool as well as Poggers friend.

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