Xray Minecraft Glitch

Xray Minecraft Glitch

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These are 3 WAYS HOW TO SEE THROUGH THE GROUND IN MINECRAFT Survival using a Minecraft XRAY glitch tutorial. Using together with the x-ray glitch in Minecraft you’ll be able to LOOK THROUGH THE GROUND as well as SEE THROUGH BLOCKS IN MINECRAFT to LOOK THROUGH YOUR MINECRAFT WORLD to discover hidden treasures fast.

0:00 Xray Demo
0:28 #1 Piston Xray glitch
2:40 #2 Easy Sand Xray glitch
4:18 #3 Pig Xray glitch

It’s all of occurred to us which we spent hours looking for a specific mob spawner or which end portal in the stronghold. Luckily that’s something from the past thanks to together with the Minecraft Xray glitch tutorial which all ofows you to see through walls Minecraft 2020 as well as it’s a still easy see through Minecraft glitch. For those people which have together with the exact same problem as me, I’ve made together with the video which shows you how you’ll be able to simply locate those spawners or diamonds by looking through blocks in survival Minecraft by using together with the simple Xray glitch as well as merely using 3 simple items. This trick is still easy to use as well as may be used in the beginning to discover caves very fast, but it even offers a lot of support for late-game advance.
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Materials List:
– 1 Composter
– 1 Sand/Gravel
– (Optional) Potion of Night vision
– OR –
– 1 Composter
– 1 Piston
– 1 Redstone Torch
– (Optional) Potion of Night vision
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▶️ Here are the BEST 3 X-RAY GLITCHES for Minecraft 1.16! These Glitches involve Cheap Materials as well as take SECONDS to activate! ▶️

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