How to OP Yourself In Minecraft

Minecraft Server Allow Cheats

Minecraft Server Allow Cheats

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Learn how to OP yourself on your Apex Hosting Minecraft server.

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0:00 begin
1:08 setting an operator
1:35 removing an operator
1:57 changing op level
2:53 different op levels and what they do
4:05 common issues


How to OP Yourself –




About This Video

As the owner of a server, it’s natural which you’d have every permission and access to every command. In some cases, you may wish to give another player access to all of these permissions as well. In Minecraft, you’ll be able to do the by making yourself OP. Being OP all ofows you access to every permission readily available on the server, and all ofows you to use all of the readily available commands. Along with Apex Hosting, the owner of the server is OP automatically. In the guide, we will show you how to set different players as operators and we’ll have a look in the various options readily available to you.
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Warning! The tested version of the plugin is for Minecraft 1.11 however it works for Minecraft versions above which. Thank you!
This guide shows you how to setup PermissionsEx plugin on your minecraft server from

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