How to go in Creative mode together without cheats on in Minecraft (1.16.201) 2021

Minecraft Creative Mode Cheat

Minecraft Creative Mode Cheat

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In together with this video I show you how to go in creative mode in minecraft together without cheats on . This video is working on the newest version of minecraft that’s currently 1.16.201. This glitch allows you to get infinite items as well as the best part about together with this creative mode glitch is which you get the accomplishments. From what I know together with this creative mode glitch merely works on PS4 but if you have an Xbox you could use as well as see if together with this works. Hope You Enjoy!

Step 1: create a new world
Step 2: Activate cheats
Step 3: get two command blocks
Step 4: In the first command block put “gamemode c @p”
Step 5: In the second command block put “gamemode s @p”
Step 6: Get any kind of button you like as well as place it on both command blocks. Press on the button which turns you into survival.
Step 7: now close your toollication as well as don’t save as well as quit
Step 8: reload the world
Step 9: When you’re in the world press on the command block which gives you creative.
Step 10: You’re Done ✅

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