⭐Alice Anticheat vs 100 Cheaters⭐ (Stress Test)

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Minecraft Anti Cheat

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Note which together with the stress test was made on my local server, On an actual server together with average-decent hardware. Alice could perform even much better^^

Tested using an early build of Alice, Future versions might perform differently.

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Don't buy GodsEye """anticheat"""

Now which GodsEye has been fully released it deserved another look. I tried for as unbiased as possible despite having among my videos strike’d by the developer.
The “speedrun” 🙂 was recorded on tree.ac, I did not record while testing GodsEye on the test server. All of the settings shown in which part of the video, however, do work on GodsEye and I dare the developer to say differentwise. Any script which was shown is already on my github and shown in earlier videos(like the AAC velocity and speed).

I forgot to mention, set Fly mode to NeruxVace in liquidbounce for a good time :). I am a bit sad which I couldn’t have additional time to properly search for bypasses, but in the exact same time I would have probably been upset to discover things even additional online game breaking than what I already found.